Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lotsa goin' on...

It's been an eventful week here in the Belsan household (sometimes I still can't believe I have a new last name?!) Last week we were fortunate enough to spend time with many friends. Thursday night, we went to Bethesda, Maryland, where Matthew and Elle live. We met them through a mutual friend of mine from the Kanakuk Institute. Matthew coaches a local rec basketball team of sophomore boys and had asked Tim to help him out by playing on the opposite team during a scrimmage...essentially "coaching" half of the boys for the evening. Elle and I went along to watch and keep track of the time and score. It was fun, we really enjoyed watching our husbands step into a different role than we are used to seeing!

However, I am still laughing to myself about something that happened that evening...the boys didn't have colored jerseys to distinguish between the teams, so one of the teams decided to take their shirts off and be the "skins". It happened to be Tim's team. So when I saw that my husband was taking his shirt off, I let out a semi-quiet, yet audible "oww-owww!". The only problem was, one of the sophomore boys' dad's was standing about 3 feet from me, and he turned and looked at me just as I realized he was standing there...most likely thinking I was cat-calling to his son, who was standing pretty close to us and had also just taken his shirt off. I sort of froze, as I didn't even know how to redeem myself from the I didn't. Great. The guy probably thought I was a cougar after his 16 year old son. I made sure to flash my wedding ring a few times when I saw him looking my direction.

After the game, we went out for ice cream...we had to pacify the boys because, for some reason, Matthew and Tim were convinced we didn't calculate the score correctly...they thought we were talking the whole time and not paying attention! Us?? Never. We are pros at this kind of thing.

On Friday, I met up with my friend Grace in Old Town at a espresso/gelato shop called Boccato Gelato, based out of Arlington. I had just had a smoothie earlier that morning, plus it was realllllly cold outside, so I wasn't exactly feeling the gelato, though it looked so amazing!

I chose a cortado instead, to warm up my insides. Isn't it pretty!?

That evening, I attempted homemade naan bread all by myself. I had made it before with friends, but never solo. It turned out really delicious, but I lost my favorite pizza stone in the process. I do have another one, but it's not seasoned...guess I'll have to start all over with the new one!

Saturday evening, we had a Game Night with several members from our community group. Jason and Ngoc were the lovely hosts who set up a burrito bar and some drinks at their apartment. It was a blast, as we have a very dynamic group of people from all different backgrounds, so the conversations are always entertaining. We are so so thankful to have been blessed with such a wonderful group of friends here!

On Sunday, we went to church, then visited Gravelly Point Park, where you can watch planes take off and land at the nearby Reagan National Airport. Normally, they are freakishly close to you and you can feel them as they pass. Since it was Sunday, it was a little bit slow and the wind was fiercely cold, so we didn't stay long enough to get extremely great shots. We'll have to go again sometime when it's a little nicer out.

Sunday dinner took me back to my visit to Israel...mmm...! I made falafel, hummus, and tzatziki sauce to put inside whole wheat pitas.

On Monday, my dear friend Leesa Marie came to visit me for the entire day. She was in DC for the long weekend, as she had an interview for PA school on Saturday at George Washington University. We literally spent all day lying on the couch just talking and catching up. It was so wonderful! I was sad when I had to take her to the airport later that afternoon, but so thankful for the visit.

Tuesday brought some good news, I have some job interviews scheduled at several different companies in the Arlington/Alexandria area. I'm very excited, but also a little nervous/anxious about starting a new job (completely normal, right?!) This whole process has been kind of a roller coaster since early December, but I've just been praying for wisdom and clarity in what direction is best for me right we'll just have to wait and see!

I'll leave you with a new recipe I tried last night, Sweet Quinoa-Stuffed Acorn Squash. Really yummy, healthy, and even vegan!


  1. so a married woman hitting on a 16 year old is better?!?!!? ha!!

  2. man...your food look so yummy!