Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We are here!

Hello everyone! Well, the wedding is over, the honeymoon is over, and we have moved to Alexandria, Virginia! Today actually marks 2 weeks since we officially inhabited our new home! We flew directly to DC from Barbados arriving very late on November 1, and the moving truck arrived the next morning. The photo below depicts our late night run to McDonald's and coming back to our first night in our empty house!
I am finally getting our blog up and going... it has taken me awhile for a few reasons:
1. We have been insanely busy getting things around, getting the house settled, unpacked, semi-organized, buying things we don't have, grocery shopping, etc. My mind is still swimming with things I need to get done!
2. I am trying to learn how to be a “housewife.” I am not good at this (for some reason I thought it would just come naturally?! Ha...right...). I hope to get better! Even though I love the Food Network and am a self proclaimed foodie, I am not so great at cooking, especially things that I don’t normally eat. Prior to being married, I would sort of graze all day long, but now that I have a hungry husband, I have to make real meals...or I feel like I should feed the poor guy after he comes home from working all day. He’s a pretty good eater, which is nice, but I’m just not used to having to cook like this. And as many of you know, I don’t eat meat and Tim does…so that presents a challenge in and of itself. I have cooked mainly all vegetarian so far (don’t judge, it’s been delicious: butternut squash pesto pizza; tofu teriyaki stir-fry; black bean enchiladas; penne with roasted vegetables…), which surprisingly Tim has enjoyed. I did attempt chicken (which terrified me), and Tim said turned out decent! I have a few other things lined up for this next week, so we’ll see. Meal planning and grocery shopping (which I love!) have taken up hours of my time…I do enjoy it but it is quite time consuming!
3. Changing my name on everything has taken MUCH longer than I anticipated. On top of that, many documents and records are still in my maiden name, which poses some problems when making phone calls.
4. Tim began work last Monday at the Department of Justice in DC. It is quite a change from his previous job, but so far he is enjoying it. He had last Friday off for Veteran's Day, so we made the most of the weekend and visited Great Falls Park for a nice hike. We are trying to soak up all the countless opportunities and activities that Northern Virginia and DC have to offer!

Things I’ve learned since living in Northern Virginia (this list will grow as I experience more of life here):
-Unlike Kansas roads, here there are normally at least 3-4 lanes going each way...the most we have seen are 6 each direction.
-People make U-turns all the time. Even 18 wheelers, right there in the middle of the road. It is kind of terrifying at times.
-It is pretty common to be sitting at a red light, watch it change to green, then back to red again ...and you have not moved at all.
-It is incredibly beautiful here. The rolling hills and colonial aura are so fun. The changing leaves on the trees take my breath away. It is good to live in a place with so much access to outdoor activities. LOVE!
-There are a dangerous amount of restaurants and coffee shops I’m dying to try.
-We live about 10 minutes down the street from the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery and 15 minutes from Mount Vernon. Fun for when visitors come!
-I really enjoy my weekly dates with TJ...Trader Joe's, that is! That place is phenomenal.

Until next time...

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